Morwing Hotel


  • ※501 Golden Age

    ※501 Golden Age

    Art Decoratifs Witnessed the splendor , luxury and dissipation of American society during the Golden 20's

  • ※502  Comic Morning

    ※502 Comic Morning

    Brilliant outline and contrasting colors bring you a spirited morning.

  • ※503  Poker Party

    ※503 Poker Party

    Mysterious night, steady tone, spade, heart, diamond. King and Queen please hold your breath and well savor the black golden sumptuous feast!

  • ※505  City Maze

    ※505 City Maze

    Strayed about in a maze of glass and cement boxes, where is the end and where is the starting point?

  • ※506 Boardway Street

    ※506 Boardway Street

    Night in the Broadway Street, resplendent with variegated coloration. There are many kinds of advertisement signboards all over this stage.

  • ※507 Slow City

    ※507 Slow City

    This is a slow city, slow down and take a rest, enjoy the moment.

  • ※508 Whale Bus

    ※508 Whale Bus

    The penguins are worried about how to get across the warm ocean and find their partners, so the whales are helping them. Although the problem is solved, they are still wondering why the temperature of the water is getting higher.

  • ※509  Geometry North Pole

    ※509 Geometry North Pole

    The blue and white colors create a cool and peaceful sense of space. When we turn on the air-con to cool down in the summer, do not forget about our planet.

  • ※510 City Monster

    ※510 City Monster

    Two famous city monsters encounter, what kind of spark will produce?

  • ※512  Magic space

    ※512 Magic space

    Magic starry night Shrouded in darkness slowly flew into space while unstably, in gentle step, marching forward into the illusory space. With a deep blue, the entire room, Surrounded by the night sky, Brings each passenger a quiet starry night fantasy

  • ※401 Blossom of Spain

    ※401 Blossom of Spain

    Spanish tiles mixed European and Islamic style, to make the flower bursting into different culture.

  • ※402  Winds From Santorlini

    ※402 Winds From Santorlini

    The blue and white of Santorini make winds blew into the city.

  • ※403 Animals Party

    ※403 Animals Party

    After a day of hard work, to a princess does not belong to the prince, who belongs to the animal party! If not lead, also have their own carnival time.

  • ※405 Dancing Butterflies

    ※405 Dancing Butterflies

    Mini space, fluttering butterflies, with lovely humanoid lamp, guiding travelers to sweet dreams!

  • ※406  Navy

    ※406 Navy

    American style with bold red, white and blue color tone, the whole room is like a submarine cabin, engaged in a large deep sea adventure. Bring your curiosity, as the sailors, led by adventure forward it!

  • ※407 Mermaid

    ※407 Mermaid

    The Story of The Little Mermaid is tragically beautiful. When she rescues her beloved Prince, She asks nothing in return and just wants to guard him secretly. Her kindness and innocence have touched the readers’ heart. The picture on the wall, which depicts the moment she rescues the Prince, shows humanity and the greatness of love.

  • ※408  Princess’ Room

    ※408 Princess’ Room

    Embraced by beasties and forests, the princess slowly lifted her eyelids. Could you hear the dolce warble? A new day for the princess has just begun!

  • ※409 Re-renaissance

    ※409 Re-renaissance

    Back to the Middle Ages discover and renaissance the ancient civilizations.

  • ※411 Baseball Cat

    ※411 Baseball Cat

    It is common to see cats playing with knitting wool. However, have you ever seen cats playing baseball? Room 301 is designed with comic-like patterns to display the tension between batter and pitcher.

  • ※410 Retro Paris

    ※410 Retro Paris

    After being through several political chaos and Universal Exposition in 19th Century, Paris has become a new popular tourist spot in Europe. Elegant French architecture, Eiffel Tower and Les Champs-Élysées always arouse people’s romantic imagination about Paris.

  • ※412  London Style

    ※412 London Style

    The use of English classical and post-modern, old and new conflicts, presenting the contemporary England without a sense of history.

  • ※413  Art Roman

    ※413 Art Roman

    After being through lots of rising and falling of empires, regimes and religions, Rome, the Eternal City, has witnessed the changes of human history. Different ethnic groups have left their footprints in Rome. Nowadays, visitors flock to Rome to appreciate the historical sites and compose their own images of this Eternal City.

  • ※415 Room of Blue and White

    ※415 Room of Blue and White

    Blue and white, blending Eastern and Western classical sensibility.

  • ※416 Fashion Milan

    ※416 Fashion Milan

    Milan is a city full of history and fashion and has been leading the trend for hundreds of years. At present, Milan still preserves its humanity and aesthetics in the past. In the meantime, Milan continues to build up modern Italian style based on their past glory.

  • ※316 Tea ceremony

    ※316 Tea ceremony

    All of Asian all countries, such as China and Japan...etc. were the race that really love the tea, drank the tea to also drink an insights, hence became a tea ceremony. This room accepts to pack the tea by cup, angle look down from top to bottom, design into the wallpaper of Pop Art, after simplifying teapot and cupping again, place the in-between position, whether make you also want to come to drink a cup of tea?

  • ※315 Inari Shrine

    ※315 Inari Shrine

    With air God club ruins for original shape, devolution the address with representative's source of money widely enter of fox conduct and actions change the symbol of shrine.
    Is by fox's modelling union tradition clothing creation representative character.
    Presents place the Tainan sunset glow as well as the airborne shrine esthetic sense in addition, by wide-angle info clerk entire sunset glow beautiful scene.

  • ※313 Sakura Kyoto
  • ※312 Sweet Candy

    ※312 Sweet Candy

    The time that can travel with dear sweetheart is like the candy of tasting delicacy, so sweet, until forever!

  • ※311 Stingray

    ※311 Stingray

    Stingray is born with round body and white dots on its black skin.

  • ※310 Fantasy

    ※310 Fantasy

    The cloud and mist in multiple layers folding a little curls up the spirit, surrounds the simple tone of comfort and hopes to make people feel on coming in that the mind and body works properly the loose nature to treat to teach the atmosphere. Like be located in the deep in the deep mountain, bring a person to relax most comfort and sweet of the recreation enjoy.

  • ※309 Calligraphy Beauty

    ※309 Calligraphy Beauty

    A painting of a cross pricked, between the United States and Chinese calligraphy.

  • ※308 Cosmos Fever

    Has like the gorgeous youth and the infinite possibility, the universe always symbolizes the young generation's vigor and the newborn ray.

  • ※307 Jellyfish

    ※307 Jellyfish

    Hundreds of jellyfish are floating in the sea. These transparent jellyfish look like elegant young girls playing in the water.

  • ※306 Moon

    ※306 Moon

    In spite of the ancient time is Chinese and Foreign now.
    "The month" gives people the infinite imagination, no matter imagine among them live a month rabbit, the goddess of the moon or Wu Gang, also or is the clear light that the night pointed the road, anyway, let the beautiful moonlit night bring you to get into the beautiful dream country!

  • ※ 305 The Little Price

    ※ 305 The Little Price

    "Les enfants seuls savent ce qu'ils cherchent"
    "Only children know what they are looking for"

  • ※303 Little Monster

    ※303 Little Monster

    The little monsters hidden among the mountains are mischievous artists, and the land is just their best entertainment park. Dotted with cabins and decorated in the natural style, they are sure will provide every traveler the coziest atmosphere and awaken the memory of childhood.

  • ※ 302 Japanese Sweets Dream

    ※ 302 Japanese Sweets Dream

    As the seasons changing, sweet fragrance of Japanese dessert, bring you into a sweet dream.

  • ※301 Goldfish Dreams
  • ※216  Houtong Cat Village

    ※216 Houtong Cat Village

    Let's go to Houtong cat village and have fun with lovely cats!

  • ※ 215 Windows of Taiwan

    ※ 215 Windows of Taiwan

    Taiwan is the world of window to watch, and it’s watched from window by the world.

  • ※213 Urban Nomad
  • ※ 212 School Days

    ※ 212 School Days

    Looking back on campus time always sentimental and nostalgic, heavy bags, dense textbooks are dressed with full memories now.
    The rooms combine campus common element, if there is time, may wish to borrow a small magnet with counter, using a small magnet on the board to spell out the words to say it!

  • ※ 211 sticky notes

    ※ 211 sticky notes

    Make use of the square to spread all over the whole room, the wall faces the shape that can freely make use of the magnetic iron to eject a variety of imaginations.

  • ※210  Jiufen

    ※210 Jiufen

    Jiufen is a mountain town in Ruifang District, New Taipei City. It used to thrive on gold mining business but went into decline after the mine was shut off. However, its unique antique buildings, tea houses, local cuisine and mountainous scenery still attract lots of tourists every year. If you want to get away from the busy life in the city, Jiufen would be your best choice.

  • ※ 209 Formosan sika deer

    ※ 209 Formosan sika deer

    In the abandoned railroad, plus deer, abandoned locomotive steel and looks shaggy deer cause strong impression contrast, it has highlighted the protagonist. And it showed, after civilization lively atmosphere, with deer repopulation of life shine. Moss and rusty steel plate, expressed no smoke civilized environment of migratory birds, highlighting the deer have a lazy and comfortable environment for the growth and bring this atmosphere to live each and every guest.

  • ※208 Writing Poetry of Youth

    ※208 Writing Poetry of Youth

    Remember the childhood dream to write, holding 2B pencil on paper painting. On grid paper, workbooks left much youth. Like back when the most carefree, laughing heartily.

  • ※ 207 Pingxi Sky Lantern

    ※ 207 Pingxi Sky Lantern

    Sky lantern is a characteristic in Pingxi District, New Taipei City. It’s use to pray in the Lantern Festival cast. Every year large-scale event, thousands of light sky lanterns into the sky together, and the night became day seem instantly brighter, very spectacular! The room to curl up in day light as a concept, the lovely image with you who wish to pray for a safe journey successfully combined into one.

  • ※206 Sunfish

    ※206 Sunfish

    Cute sunfish, looks like a fish swimming in bulk! It's called by Mola mola, who will accompany you into the sweet dreams.

  • ※205 Dancing Butterflies

    ※205 Dancing Butterflies

    Mini space, fluttering butterflies, with lovely humanoid lamp, guiding travelers to sweet dreams!

  • ※203 Animals party

    ※203 Animals party

    After a day of hard work, to a princess does not belong to the prince, who belongs to the animal party! If not lead, also have their own carnival time.